It’s the katydids and the birds. It’s the leaves gathering momentum, the sound of things flung from trees. Fleeing, falling, crashing to the ground. The sunlight is disjointed. It comes to me broken and perplexed. Everything is green and angry, all of it fighting for space, all of it pushing to be heard and seen. The heat is sucking and pulling, forcing its way inside until I am buoyant, until I float above the trees. I cannot stop the opening.  The tiny things coiled neatly in the deep have sprung open. They are full of the letting go. And the words… they are rising. Coming loose deep inside and rising. They float out of my being and demand that they be heard.

It is this place. It is the depth of its seasons. It is the way one’s soul is moved to a sudden memory by a bitter winter cold or a searing summer heat. But mostly, it is the way I am no longer held to the ground by the roots of my past. All of the things that once kept me in place have frayed until they are no more. And so it has happened. I have become untethered.


13. Bended Knee

My earliest memories used to be close to me, the jumble of them kept around like a lucky coin I could touch when I needed to know the truth of things. But then my head became full of more important things, like keeping another human alive or not ending up in the news for sayingContinue reading “13. Bended Knee”

12. Waffles

As a teenager, I loved to sleep in on Saturday mornings. Invariably, I would be woken by the loud and disjointed sounds of my mother in the kitchen, by her laughter as she spoke on the phone, by drawers closing, and cupboards slamming, and pans banging. I. Hated. It. I would lie in bed fumingContinue reading “12. Waffles”

11. Monhegan Island

Ok… Maine is beautiful. I’m not sure why I’ve never traveled here before, but I will definitely travel here again. I was a bit of a mess in the days leading up to my departure. There were so many moving pieces to coordinate. But mostly, it was the idea of leaving my girl for fourContinue reading “11. Monhegan Island”


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I’m Dana and I’m fascinated with the connections we make in life, how some stretch through time and space, as though they are unbreakable, and how others fray and snap, leaving us to wonder what happened and how to fill that empty space. (un)tethered is all about the connections to family, love, the modern church, and fourteen-years of single-parenting.


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