8. It’s Happening


I am going to Monhegan Island.

I heard back from the loveliest of people yesterday, a kindred spirit for sure. Her name is Melanie and, this year, she opened a sweet little spot on Monhegan Island called The Cracked Mug. She named one of the beautiful seaside rooms after he son Alexander. A friend of her’s said, “wouldn’t it be nice to sit in front of this window and write while looking out over the water?”

And so I shall.

Melanie believes in the magic of the island. She calls it a healing place. And in another uncanny twist of fate, it turns out she grew up right here in Charlottesville. Small world, right?

This is Melanie!
The Cracked Mug!
The Alexander Room!

Today, I was talking to a friend and I got a little teary eyed. I have so much gratitude that you, dear reader, are out there in the world and care about the content of these pages. You all have made this happen, and I feel humbled… absolutely humbled… by your encouragement support.

Six weeks ago, I was trying to calibrate my compass, trying to understand the next step forward. Today, I feel I am exactly where I am meant to be. The path seems clear, and I am so ready to walk it.

Thank you for walking with me.

Also, if you ever decide to visit the island, check out Melanie’s place for sure! http://thecrackedmugmonhegan.com/.

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The tether. That thing that binds us to our families of origin, not by any desire of our own, but through the mere act of existence. We spend our lives exploring the roots of this connection, be it to an unending wellspring of love or the heavy, unshakeable burden of pain. We create new ones. We watch as old ones fray. And sometimes, in life's most painful moments, we witness those tethers break. (un)tethered traces the paths of old and new connections through family, love, the modern church, and fourteen-years of single-parenting. I begin this blog in a time of deep uncertainty, having recently left my position at the boarding school where I lived and taught for the past five years. Technically, I still live in Charlottesville, VA, but the next steps in life could take us anywhere! There are many unknowns ahead, but I know I am not alone in this. I hope this will be a place of solace for all who are wandering/wondering through this time.

5 thoughts on “8. It’s Happening

  1. You go, girl! Breathe in the magic of that place of your dreams and let it soothe and heal your spirit. You’re so lucky!! 😘

  2. Tears of joy for you – how exciting! Will be praying for you, and Melanie, and whomever else you may chance to meet. For some reason, I’m reminded of my favorite author Victor Hugo, how he was exiled to Guernsey, an island probably bigger than Monhegan, but still surrounded by seas. There he wrote Toilers of the Sea and other works. So thrilled; no turning back now! Destiny calls.

  3. God does hear and answer prayers, even those we sometimes don’t even dare to pray. God looks at the heart, and knows what we need and is best, not just good, but the best. Pursue what you know is your gift and it will be multiplied, and others will be blessed as well. Love is flowing like a river..,

  4. I am so happy to hear you have found a beautiful place to land! I hope you will continue writing about your new life because I have really enjoyed reading all of your postings. You are a fine writer. I lived on an island in Maine for a while and wish that I had never left. It is a relaxing, beautiful, place to live.

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